Market Background

One of the major reasons agents and agencies join forces with ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. and SIAA is getting access to markets not otherwise available to new or smaller agencies. The key to writing business successfully is to have as many alternative markets as possible. Meeting the ever increasing volume and underwriting standards for all of the markets a small agency needs to place business is rapidly reaching unattainable levels. Most personal lines companies have a $250,000 minimum commitment to even be considered for an agency appointment. Some commercial lines companies ask for a volume commitment in excess of $1,000,000. The combine benefit of the ICA Agency Alliance and its members along with the lack of competition and shrinking insurance market makes joining the ICA Agency Alliance a logical move to continue operating and competing against direct writers and larger independent agencies.

Another reason for joining the ICA Agency Alliance is the opportunity to share in the many advantages alliance members receive including: National and Local Profit-Sharing, Preferred Commission levels and having the opportunity to participate in the many other Non-Insurance Partners of ICA Agency Alliance and SIAA, as noted under the Others Tab to the right of this page. The ICA Agency Alliance is always looking for new and better ways for its members to do more business while being more efficient.

lf you or your agency has ever asked for and been turned down by a prospective new market then the ICA Agency Alliance may be the alternative you have been looking for to get those markets needed to compete in today’s market place. One of ICA Agency Alliance’s main sources for new member prospects are the marketing reps from the same companies who turn agents down for direct appointments. This includes both markets represented by ICA Agency Alliance and those not appointed with ICA Agency Alliance.

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