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We know your work is important to your customers

Having the proper liability coverage is important to your business

Why do I need a Certified Agent

Our certified garage agents are specifically trained and are dedicated to writing insurance on garage risks. They have completed a rigorous course of advanced training focusing on garage operations and their unique coverage needs. They know the various coverages that are available for a garage operation and will tailor an insurance program to meet your business requirements. Why would you trust an automated, quick quote, generator when you could work with a certified agent who is a skilled and knowledgeable in the garage industry and ensure you are covered properly?





Who Needs Garage Insurance Coverage?

Many businesses can benefit from garage insurance, including but not limited to:

Automotive repair shops keep people on the roads. Garage insurance agents help keep your business protected. They know what coverages your shop needs.

Keeping your client's vehicles looking beautiful is what you do. Our garage insurance agents keep your auto body shop's reputation squeaky clean by making sure there are no dents in your coverage.

A windshield protects people from debris and unexpected weather. Make sure your insurance agent knows the business you are in so they can protect your business from the unexpected disaster.

As a transmission repair shop owner, you need to know what you are liable for if something were to happen after a client leaves due to faulty installation.

A car can't go anywhere without a tire. Keep your customers safe on the road and keep your business safe from the unexpected incident.

Welding can be a dangerous profession. Keep your employees safe as well as your business with proper insurance coverage.

The inevitable oil spill could cause more than just a stain on the concrete. If someone were to slip and hurt themselves on that oil spill, would your business be protected?

Proper ventilation in your shop is crucial to keeping your employees healthy in a potentially dangerous environment. Make sure your business has the right coverage to protect everyone that enters your shop.

Don't get your wires crossed and forget to have proper coverage to protect your business and your clients. Our certified agents can help you map out proper coverage for your business.

There are many things you need to consider when protecting your business. Our certified garage insurance agents help you understand what coverages are a priority to your unique business. Rest easy; you can be confident in your certified garage insurance agent.

Think Garage Insurance Covers Your Customer's Vehicle while In Your Care?

It Doesn't

What other coverages might a garage owner or dealership need?

  • Garagekeepers Liability
  • Owned Business Auto Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Garage Liability
  • Business Personal Property
  • Premises Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Towing Liability
  • Incidental Vehicle Sales
  • Environmental Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Building Coverage

What could it cost to not be fully covered?

One mistake can result in a huge lawsuit that can damage your business beyond repair. Why would you trust an automated, quick quote, generator when you could work with a skilled and knowledgeable garage insurance agent? Our Certified agents are trained to know what coverages you need to fill any gaps in liability that could damage your business. This can be anything from damaging a client's property to injury to a client while on site.

ICA Industry Certified Insurance Agents

Our industry certified insurance agents have been trained in the corresponding industry. They understand all the different types of risks associated with the specific industry. ICA certified agents have taken 5 - 18 weeks of industry specific training, we are here to help you understand what coverages you need and why. We can cover ALL TYPES of businesses, so to speak with a certified agent in your industry today.