SIAA Reaches $7.4 Billion of In-Force Written Premium

March 7, 2018 – Hampton, NH – Reaching a critical milestone, SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance) announced today its members reached $7.4 billion of in-force written premium in 2017. This was achieved as SIAA celebrated its 22nd year.

During 2017, for the 9th year in a row, SIAA signed over 400 new member agencies. Since SIAA’s first master agency, the SAN Group, was founded in 1983, more than 6,000 member agencies have joined one of SIAA’ s Master Agencies, which now totals 49.

SIAA is the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the country, and it has helped to create more than 4,000 new, independent insurance agencies. In 2017, SIAA’s Strategic Partner Companies (carriers) generated $1.3 billion in new business.

“The numbers clearly show the success of our unique integrated model, which is dedicated to agency growth and profitability,” says Jim Masiello, chairman and chief executive officer of SIAA. “But numbers only tell part of the story. Behind the scenes, we have worked with our Master Agencies to provide Member Agencies with innovative and proven educational, marketing and business development resources.”

In 2017, the SIAA marketing team continued to expand the support it provides agencies for website development, mobile apps, and social media. SIAA’s consumer-facing web portal,, continued to provide a convenient way for member agencies and consumers to find each other on the web, while the Business Insurance Advantage education program helped member agencies write new small commercial lines business.

The SIAA Training and Learning Center (TLC) now has more than 1,000 users benefiting from training to advance their careers in insurance. Many of those users were from start-up insurance agency members. Combined with the Agency Foundation program, which provides real-time assistance to start-up agencies, these education resources helped to provide a solid foundation for burgeoning businesses.

About SIAA

SIAA is a national insurance agency alliance dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system. SIAA has signed more than 5,700 member agencies through 48 master agencies across the country since its inception in 1995. Of that member number, SIAA and its Master Agencies have created over 3,400 new start-up agencies coming predominantly from former captive agents. An estimated 13 percent of all independent agencies in the U.S. are or have been signed members of SIAA. SIAA brings profitable premium growth and quality relationship integration between its member agencies and strategic partner companies and provides a wide range of resources to help agencies increase sales, retention, revenue, and value. For more information on SIAA, CLICK HERE to visit their website.