Personal and Business Insurance Education

A structured process to learning the basics of personal lines insurance and a comprehensive approach to learning commercial lines insurance.  Content is tailored to meet the individuals experience level and educational needs.  Course work is a combination of SIAA and ICA materials to include web-based training, self-study and actual case studies all supported with one-on-one mentoring.  Classes range from personal lines basics to complex commercial accounts.

With personal lines, you will learn all lines of coverage, carrier’s appetites and underwriting guidelines.  We will also center on the importance of providing appropriate coverage to protect your clients’ assets, and account rounding.

Our commercial course targets the following:  Common Commercial Lines Coverages, Commercial Lines Underwriting, Commercial Lines Submission Guidelines, Commercial Lines Rating, Commercial Lines Applications, Creating a Commercial Lines Business Narrative and the importance of 3rd party contract review.  Along with this, there will be a high level overview of specialty coverages.

Marketing is key in growing your business.  We support you with this by providing a 12 week course that provides insight on practical techniques for reaching out to new prospects and fostering long lasting relationships, building a sales pipeline, effective branding and leads are provided.

A complex commercial accounts course is also offered.  These types of accounts require advanced knowledge in coverages, correct applications of risk management and expertise in the insureds field.   Focus will be on addressing all coverage considerations, address underwriting concerns, understand common risk control recommendations, and obtaining an in depth knowledge of the  insured’s industry.