About Us

ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. is a Master Agency (SMA) affiliated with SIAA, Strategic Independent Agents Alliance and Insurance Centers of America, Inc., a Colorado corporation, the Strategic Partner Company. SIAA is an international Independent Insurance Agency Network comprised of larger Master Agencies that are joined by local independent agencies, as well as Direct Writers, Captives, Producers, Life, Health and Financial Service Agents who become Independent Strategic Members (ISM) of the Master Agency Network. Insurance Centers of America, a Colorado based independent agency, provides the management foundation, marketing, sales, training and insurance markets to the ICA Agency Alliance. ICA Agency Alliance’s territory covers all of eastern Colorado with the exception of Arapahoe, Denver and Jefferson counties and the San Francisco Bay area, California. ICA Agency Alliance, Inc is looking forward to working with a select group of smaller agents in their quest to become a larger force in their marketplace and share in the benefits of being a part of a larger insurance sales group.

ICA prides itself on the level of professionalism, education and service orientated attitude of its employees. ICA is excited about conveying its knowledge and resources to other agents looking to aggressively solicit and profitably underwrite business for our participating insurance companies and properly compensate the ISMs. The benefits offered by ICA Agency Alliance is an income potential beyond what is currently available to most agencies and success going into the future, and its affiliation with SIAA provides one of the brightest prospects for our members in the changing world.

 Agents helping agents is the goal and mission of the ICA Agency Alliance.