The Insurance Business Is Changing Rapidly!

It Is No Longer Enough To Just Have Access to Markets!!

ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. is a Master Agency of SIAA [Strategic Independent Agency Alliance], the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the country. As a Master Agency for SIAA, ICA offers an Independent Insurance Agency Network that is joined by Local Independent Agencies, Direct Writers, Captive Agents, Producers, Life, Health and Financial Services Agents who want to become Independent Strategic Members (ISM’s) of the Master Agency Network while developing a growing and vital business entity. As a true Business Owner, the value of your agency is greatly increased beyond the value of the annual commission income you generate. Once an agency has established itself with fundamental operating functions, including a policy management system, educated and trained staff with a marketing objective to continued growth - value can easily be 2 or more times greater than the annual revenue generated. This makes the agency a significant asset of the owner and his or her estate. ICA has developed very comprehensive and fully supported programs to help member agencies realize the success they have dreamed about when starting in the insurance agency business.

The property/casualty insurance sales business is evolving into a very competitive business with challenges such as the internet with its quick rating systems, self-driving automobiles, the shared economy, insurance companies directly competing with agents by selling direct to customers and the threat of even more innovation as it comes online in the future. In the past, all insurance agents had to do was have access to markets to be successful. Times are rapidly changing and without advanced support, internet marketing assistance, sales training, and education, it will be difficult to compete with the new technologies of the future. Access to markets is not enough to succeed and prosper. ICA has positioned itself, along with the support of SIAA, to be the #1 Survivor and largest agency product distribution system in the country while other competitors will be forced to leave the marketplace by not offering enough support for their contract members to succeed. ICA’s support system is the most innovative and comprehensive program for agents, providing an extensive support system for its member agencies. Maybe it is time for members of other groups to compare the options that ICA offers versus what they have with their current group. SIAA and ICA have created more successful Independent Insurance Agencies than any other Insurance Group or Insurance Network.

ICA provides the management foundation, the highest level of income from multiple channels, web and mobile-based marketing programs, sales training for both owners and producers, insurance education for owners/producers and staff, as well as lead generation and insurance markets needed by the ISM to become a true independent Business Owner. Member Agencies of ICA have completed hundreds of course offerings and are also selling as much as 30% more in their written premium volumes per year.

ICA has over 50 sales and training classes, with one-on-one mentoring, ranging from how to start an independent agency, quick 5-day training for new independent agents, basic insurance knowledge, advanced insurance classes, continuing education credits and much more. A complete listing of all classes and additional information can be found at ICA’s website: www.insurancesalestraining.net. All of this is offered at no additional cost beyond the minimal membership fee. ICA has completed over 1500 classes since mid-2015 and continues to conduct 15 to 20 new classes each week. Class sessions are no longer than one hour and, depending upon the complexity of the class, from 1 to 18 weeks and will continue until the member feels comfortable with the information offered. Part of the training includes hands-on real-time experience with the agent working on and placing business, with the assistance of the instructor, while learning. This adds a whole new dimension to earning while learning, saving time while generating an income at the same time.

Even with the highest level of compensation in the property/casualty insurance agency business, the best markets, the most extensive hands-on sales training and education programs, ICA recognizes that this is still not enough for the continued success of its agency members.

If you do not compete directly with the internet marketing and web-based technology companies, it will still be difficult to succeed going forward. ICA, at the beginning of 2018, has developed its proprietary Digital [Internet] Based Marketing program for its members, again at No Additional Cost to the Member. Over 70% of all insurance buyers are searching on the Internet for information on where to buy insurance. So far 80%+ of those searching buy from a local agent. This won’t last forever, or even for very long. ICA has recognized, for its members to compete with this technology, we had to develop a program to promote and reposition our members on the search engines to improve each agents’ local position as high as possible, including being #1. Through great expense and years of testing and research, ICA has initiated its programs with significant success (almost instantaneously). ICA has taken its extensive resources and has been able to promote its local agents in their marketing area while getting the benefits of operating as a larger company. It includes social SEO and search engine optimization with Google, Bing and many others. It is in addition to any efforts by the individual members marketing their own presence on the internet and more than supplements their exposure and position on the web searches. It is believed that no other national or local agent group provides this type of marketing service to its members, making ICA again a standout with its innovative support for its members. Inner details of the program are proprietary, but it is designed to promote each agency individually and locally with unique agency-specific information of the member agency.

ICA prides itself on the level of professionalism, education and service orientated attitude of its employees. ICA is excited about conveying its knowledge and resources to other agents looking to aggressively solicit and profitably underwrite business for our participating insurance companies and properly compensate the ISMs. The benefits offered by ICA Agency Alliance is an income potential beyond what is currently available to most agencies and success going into the future, and its affiliation with SIAA provides one of the brightest prospects for our members in the changing world.

 Agents helping agents is the goal and mission of the ICA Agency Alliance.