• Jun (CA)
    I was grateful to have found ICA and Bruce as my guide to this new path in my career. ICA held my hands and each one of the staff has been very helpful in getting me and my independent agency up an running.
  • Alex (CA)
    SIAA has been hugely instrumental in helping me choose an office location, directing me toward niche carriers and just providing overall guidance and support in getting my agency growing.
  • Jolynn (CO)
    Taking the course with Barb has allowed us to quote business risks we would have otherwise turned away, increased our confidence, reduced our errors and increased our sales. I would recommend the class to any agent considering adding commercial insurance to their business.
  • Dave (CO)
    I'd like to comment on the BIA Education Program and how it is going after 6 weeks. This program has enhanced my understanding the commercial policy and the importance of reading and fully understanding policy; the inclusions and the exclusions.