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Time Management

This course is designed to help you prioritize your time by tasks as well as teaching you how to delegate those tasks that someone else can handle, so your time is spent on prospecting and developing relationships.

Sales Skills by John Fear

A series of classes taught by John Fear, which help you to identify different types of personalities and how to tailor your approach when approaching various types of clients to meet their needs and win the sale.

Sales Skills I

We must consider how emerging markets are changing insurance sales and change the way we approach sales ourselves. We will examine how each generation buys insurance, how the competition sells insurance, identify our strengths and weaknesses, and how to implement changes in our sales techniques to succeed in the future.

Sales Skills II

Successful selling is essential when building a profitable book of business. We will help you with the skills, concepts, and behaviors that will help you turn prospects into clients. We assist you in identifying and creating a sales environment that helps increase your revenue while developing stable relationships!

Building Brand Awareness

How do you set yourself apart from the competition? In this course, you will determine how to set yourself apart from others and build your brand while selling commercial insurance.

Understand Importance of Target Sales and Marketing

Marketing is a broad concept that means many things to different people. In this segment, we will explore the importance of evaluating targeted sales and marketing techniques to give you a step above the competition and write the type of commercial business you want.

Identify Target Markets

Knowing your target markets is extremely important when marketing commercial insurance. You not only need to understand the types of clients that you want to go after, but also know what insurance carriers will offer products to meet that client’s needs. In this course, we will help you identify the markets you want to go after and provide you with the carriers that can support that market base.

Identify Model Clients

Just because you’re in the sale business does not mean you have to offer a product to anyone that asks for your help. We will help you define who your model client is and how this can impact your sales revenue.

Develop a Sales Pipeline

A pipeline is the flow of business. We will help you develop a plan to create and track the influx of new business in your agency.

Building Credibility and Relationships

Credibility and relationships are the basis for the insurance business. Since we deal with the intangibles of insurance, we must be credible with our clients and understand their needs and meet those needs with the proper products.

Create Solutions and Commitment to Buy

Solutions are what our clients are looking for, even if they don’t realize it. In this class, we will examine solutions available to meet the client’s needs and earn their commitment to buy from us.

Launch Marketing Plan

Now is time to create a commercial insurance marketing plan and implement it. We will review the marketing plan that you have designed and teach you how to create a plan for the implementation and launch of the program.

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