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Why a Home Inspection is So Critical When Buying a Home
A home inspection offers so many benefits, it should be an easy decision to have one done before buying a house. Here are some things to keep in mind.
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Detroit is North of Canada and other US Geographic Trivia
Look at a map of the U.S. and you may discover some interesting things. Here are a few trivia-related geographic facts.
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Can You Insure Income for Your Business?
Business Income Insurance Should Become a Part of Your Company's Loss-Prevention Program.
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Baby Shoes or Life Insurance? What’s a Better Baby Gift?
There is some truth to that commercial with a retired quarterback and country singer.
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No-Fault Insurance Basics
Who is Responsible in a No-Fault Insurance State and Can You Still Sue or Be Sued?
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Is Increasing Deductibles a Good Way to Save on Insurance?
Increasing deductibles on insurance policies is not without its risks.
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From AM Radio to Touchscreens: The Evolution of In-Car Entertainment
Car Radios Initially Cost About 25% of the Cost of a Car.
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Odd, Unusual and Unique Things That Have Been Insured
If It Has Value, It Can Probably Be Insured.
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When I Buy Car Insurance, WHAT am I Insuring?
When Does Auto Insurance Follow the Driver and When Does It Follow the Car?
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