Education & Sales Training

Your Power Tool for Building a Bigger Agency.

Personal Lines Insurance Education

Course designs are for all agency employees including principals, producers and support staff. During the eight-week training, the underwriting guidelines for each carrier are reviewed in great detail with an emphasis on binding authorities, written and unwritten rules; specific insurance company desired classes of business, optional and promoted coverages, comparisons of policy pricing and much more. Coursework includes one-on-one consultation with one of our personal lines trainers and offers ideas on how to present and close the sale to the customer.

Commercial Lines Insurance Education

Commercial lines have become essential in the success of the Property Casualty Insurance Agent. With so many challenges on the horizon for Personal Insurance, learning and understanding Commercial Insurance will offer an agent the means to continue the success of their agency no matter how the market will be impacted. Driverless cars, the internet sales of Insurance and other market disrupters encourage insurance agents to learn Commercial, both small and large, to offset the potential loss of income from Personal Lines. The Commercial Insurance education focuses on ISO based forms and allows the agent to learn the ins and outs of various commercial lines coverages, how the carriers underwrite risks, and how to sell the product to the client. Coursework includes one-on-one consultation with one of our personal lines trainers and offers ideas on how to present and close the sale to the customer.

Complex Risk Accounts Education

Unlike other coursework where the agent learns while working on their own active policy quote for a customer, the participant working with Complex Risks acts as the agent quoting a large hypothetical account. The participant works off a Request for Proposal (RFP) and must evaluate the risk for coverages currently in place, investigate coverages needed, explore risk management options and learn the underwriting process. The participant will evaluate the customers’ insurance and non-insurance needs, both current and latent, create a quote request to the carrier, prepare the final policy presentation to the client and create a sales approach unique to the client all with one on one mentoring.

Sales Training

As the internet evolves into a quick quote process, asking only three questions for a final price (and limited coverage), the need is apparent that today’s property casualty insurance agent needs to express his or her knowledge and skill level so that customers will need the advice and recommendations of the agent. Insurance is complicated, and no matter how the InsurTech group of companies want to simplify the forms it will still require great advice in purchasing a quality policy at the best price. With our assistance, you will identify and create a sales environment that helps you increase your revenue while developing solid relationships!

Continuing Education

A number of courses offered have been approved with continuing education credits for insurance agents in the states of Colorado and California. What better way is there to learn insurance, receive real-time knowledge, a working tool that will help you sell more insurance, one-on-one instruction and at no additional direct cost to you. Credits range from 3 credit hours to 18 and include beginner to advanced courses. Many more are in the works for additional CE credit.

Producer Support

Hiring and training a new producer takes time and is expensive. Agencies need producers to grow their agencies beyond the owners own efforts. Prime insurance producers are expensive. Producer Support will help agencies hire less than fully seasoned agents and get them producing faster with more selling skills and education. Producer Support will take you new agents through the following topics: avoiding Error and Omissions claims to help the agent be aware of items that could impact the agency after the sale. We also introduce your agents t to build a profitable book of business. We review the agency procedure manual, take them through EzLynx training (multi-carrier rating system), how to leverage a website, use social media, and create awareness in the community. And, of course, assist the agent in their learning insurance coverages.



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