Are business cards necessary in the digital world?

Absolutely. The internet can’t beat the lasting impression you can personally make on a potential client by saying hello, reaching for a handshake, and handing out your professionally designed business card. You don’t need to stock thousands, but it has the power to boost your professional image and make others feel like they can trust you.

  • Networking tool for professionals
  • A promotional tool with a personal touch
  • Enhance credibility
  • Shows you are professional, people expect to see them

It adds a personal touch and can be a good conversation starter, especially at networking events. It helps you create that first good impression by presenting your business in a specific way through the design of your business cards. The goal is to leave a lasting impression. Even if the person you give your card to doesn’t need your services now, that doesn’t mean they won’t need you in a couple of months, and suddenly their friend needs your services too.

So you can do all the email marketing, SEO, and paid social media ads you want, and they can help tremendously, but they won’t be as effective as personally meeting someone, engaging with them, and leaving a lasting impression with a business card.

Lasting impressions and brand awareness is something to not take lightly. It has a direct impact on the type of clients you attract. You can encounter a potential lead anywhere you go, so be prepared and carry a small stack with you always. You are sure to find them useful, so if you don’t have a business card yet, ICA Agency Alliance, Inc. members can order online at If you are interested in becoming a member of our independent insurance agents group, contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you further.

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