How to Start an Insurance Agency
So, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start your own insurance agency. The perks of working for yourself versus working for an employer are wonderful, but starting an insurance agency from the ground up requires a lot of  prep work in order to make it a success. Whether you’re a savvy captive agent…
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There are Benefits to Participating in the Oldest and Largest Group!!
SIAA and ICA  Agency Alliance, Inc. offers not only great income potential, often higher than receiving 100% of the gross commission, but also an array of products, training, promotional and other benefits.  Since 1983 SIAA has been providing Independent Insurance Agents an alternative to the pressure of meeting high production requirements, changes in underwriting appetites…
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Staying Competitive During Changing Times
Survival for an independent insurance agent becomes more difficult every day.  The modern consumer has a plethora of insurance options to choose from, and those options are available in many forms.  The independent insurance agent who offers policies from one or two companies often finds themselves left by the wayside as consumer insurance options mushroom. …
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