Certified Handout Designs

These handouts are ONLY for ICA CERTIFIED agents who have completed the corresponding courses with our education department. Along with a tear-off business card, the handouts also come with a Certified Agent landing page for your website. Potential clients are invited to scan the QR code on the handout. It will take your client to a personalized web page explaining your specific certification and making your entire website available for them to explore.

You also get free advertising on The Insurance Buzz for completing the certified agent training. This includes:

  1. A spot on our ICA's TheInsuranceBuzz.com website agent finder map.
  2. Special badging on the agent finder map that draws attention to your certification accomplishment.
  3. In addition to the agent finder map, you also get a specific website landing page for each class of business on your own agency's website, also created by the ICA Marketing Department. An example of this extra page for your website is available to view on the pop-up when you click on a handout below.
  4. Upon certification, you will receive 50 free copies for the courses you successfully completed. Additional copies are available for purchase for a low price.
  5. If you fold the perforated business card back, you can fit the handout into a legal sized #10 envelope for direct mail marketing.

Handouts are only available to agents who have successfully completed each class of business for which certification has been earned. For more information on how to become certified, contact Barbara at barbara@icainsurance.com.

Handouts with Tear-Off Business Cards - 10.5 x 4in

Click on the image of the handout to view the back and front together, along with the certified web page that goes along with the card.