Workers Comp & Covid 19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has undoubtedly changed our working environment, and many employees are now working from home. Many of our insureds wonder if the workers’ compensation policy extends coverage to their employees working from home. The simple answer is yes. However, if an injury does occur, it is essential to understand that the injury must be a result of “in the course” of employment. The injured employee must show that the activity they were performing due to their job duties at the time of the incident, for the coverage to respond. In essence, shifting the burden of proof of the circumstances surrounding the injury fall on the employee.

The next question that usually arises from our clients is, “what can I do to support the remote employee”? They may find the following helpful; Define the employees’ regular working hours and job duties, establish guidelines for workspace, and outline the expectations for remote work.

Allowing employees to work from home benefits both the employer (keeping their business running) and the employee (being employed); however, it is up to the employer to ensure they have coverage in place and understand the unique risks associated with employees who work from home. As agents, we can provide the client with the tools to help them through this extraordinary time when it comes to their workers’ compensation concerns.

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