Whatever Happened To…: Business Edition

Whatever Happened To…: Business Edition

Like other aspects in life, changes occur to business. Some happen rapidly, others occur gradually over time. Some are a part of progress, others we may even be nostalgic about. Every once in awhile, it’s good to take a look back. Here is “Whatever Happened To……A Business Edition.”

Fax Machines

There was a minute when fax machines were an indispensable part of the office. At the time, sending a printed page to another location electronically seemed almost Star Trek-like. Originally, they used thermal paper but progressed to using copypaper and then morphed into multi-purpose fax/copier/scanners. The first fax was sent in 1964 but the last one is far from being sent. It is estimated there are still 40 million fax machines in operation.


Once the dominant internet browser, Netscape was ultimately crushed by Internet Explorer. Netscape finally gave up and discontinued support for its browser in 2008.

Air Mail

Air Mail was a premium service of the US Post Office that began in 1934. Air Mail spent at least one leg of its trip being transported by air, with the promise of arriving quicker. Because it cost extra, use was usually restricted to important legal and business mail. Once all mail began being transported by air, Air Mail as a separate service was discontinued domestically in 1975 and overseas in 1995.


Pagers preceded smartphones and even cellphones as a way to communicate quickly and reliably. Aside from some illicit uses, pagers were initially popular with medical workers, emergency personnel and business people. While their use has dropped dramatically, their reliability still keeps them popular, particularly as backups. It is estimated 2 million people still use pagers.

While things change in life and in business, others stay the same. Business insurance, for example, is still a basic and critical part of protecting your business. Business insurance can protect income, protect financially against liability claims and cover inventory, equipment and vehicles. Still, about 40% of businesses don’t carry it. Don’t allow a liability claim or loss make your company obsolete. Contact us for a no obligation, no-cost business insurance quote designed for your business. Connect with us today.

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