Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Have you ever looked up the lyrics to a song, only to realize you have been singing the song wrong the entire time? Like when you sang “sweet dreams are made of cheese,” only to realize, you were just hungry. You know, when you finally read the lyrics, and you say “that’s what they’re saying?!”

As humans, we make mistakes, and we are often wrong about things. Also being human, our pride can sometimes stand in the way of admitting our faults and wrongs. We can, at times, be stubborn in our ways, forgetting that every perspective is different.

Though the founder is unknown, someone else realized we are not always right and dedicated an unofficial holiday to the whole concept of being wrong. It’s called “Everything You Think is Wrong Day”, and it is recognized on March 15th. It is intended as a day of self reflection.

We could also call this day “Question Your Beliefs Day,” or “Learn Something New Day,” or even “Expand Your Perspective Day.”

In honor of this day, next time you are in an argument with someone, take a step back and try to view the situation from their perspective. Understand why they believe they are right, and try to get a look into how that person sees things. This will humble you, and maybe teach you something you didn’t know prior to the argument.

When we think we are always right, we do not leave much room for growth and improvement.

The day is about humbling yourself, and becoming the student instead of the teacher. Listening more than you are speaking.

In honor of “Everything You Think is Wrong Day,” reflect on a time you had to admit you were wrong. Did you learn something valuable?

By: KayLynn P.

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