Eye of the Sky

Eye of the Sky

If you see a tiny little spacecraft-looking-gadget flying through the air, do not be alarmed. It’s just a drone, and aliens didn’t create it. Only if the drone starts to fly in the direction of your head should you be afraid.

Have you ever flown a drone? They’re not like the remote control cars people sometimes use for fun. Drones can be for commercial use. What exactly is a drone? A drone is an unmanned aircraft with a camera that takes either pictures or recordings. Similar to a remote control, there is a GPS tracking remote used to fly the drone by a pilot stationed on the ground.

Why would we need an airbound camera?

  • Safety inspections
  • Monitor and photograph wildlife
  • To assist search and rescue teams
  • Footage for journalism
  • Tracking storms
  • Mapping coasts and mountaintops
  • There are many more uses for drones.

Drones can replace humans if the job is too dangerous, dirty, or, well, boring.

If you are looking into purchasing a drone for your own personal or commercial use, here are some tips and guidelines to follow to ensure safety, thanks for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

  • The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, requires that you register all drones weighing more than .55 grams with the Unmanned Aircraft Registration system.
  • When you purchase a drone, it will come with instructions for use. Please, for the safety of all, read the manual carefully before the flight.
  • Master the practice of flying drones before you use it to serve its purpose. That way, the job will get done more efficiently and safely.
  • Be aware that there are drone laws in effect in your area. Read the laws before pursuing use of the unmanned.
  • Watch out for birds when flying your drone. They are living beings.
  • Do not fly the drone in a public place where there’s a crowd of people. The drone has the power to seriously injure a person or damage property in a collision. Do you have drone insurance to protect yourself if this event occurs?
  • Keep your own eye on the “eye in the sky.” Keep your drone in your eyesight at all times.
  • Distracted driving does not only apply to cars, but also navigating drones.


Please practice these safety tips if you ever find yourself flying a drone.

By: KayLynn P.

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