Homeowners Insurance and Fences, Playhouses and She-Sheds

Homeowners Insurance and Fences, Playhouses and She-Sheds

We tend to view homeowners’ insurance as a loss protection product that limits financial damage in the event of a liability claim or if someone, or something, damages our home. Our home is our castle, after all, and the purpose of homeowner’s insurance is to protect that castle.

Our homes, however, are more than just a structure. Our homes are made of the contents, improvements, and the surrounding property. Our homes are a combination of everything contained on our property that makes living there feel so comfortable. This is why homeowners’ insurance is so valuable. We have spent time, money and effort in creating an enjoyable space. We want it protected.

Most of us are seeking to improve our lives and our homes. We may want to upgrade landscaping, build a privacy fence, add a playhouse for the kids or move forward with that exceptional She-Shed, Man-Cave or in-home theater. Will your homeowner’s insurance continue to provide the protection you need as you move through these improvements?

The answer is “perhaps”. But the fact is most of us don’t want to live with “maybe’s”. We want to know if, when and how we will be covered as we improve our property. This is why you should stay connected with your homeowners’ insurance and your independent insurance agent.

Whether you are making a major improvement to a kitchen, bath, adding a sunroom, building a fence or adding a playhouse or she-shed, you should notify your independent insurance agent. Your agent can advise you if your current coverage is sufficient or whether you should take further steps. They can alert you if you are approaching limits to your coverage that should be addressed.

When you improve your home, you are adding to its value, and potentially adding to your risk of loss. Your homeowners’ insurance limits should increase to reflect these improvements.

If you haven’t had a homeowners’ insurance review in recent years, and especially if you have made significant improvements to your home or property, contact us. Our independent agents can review the homeowners’ insurance policies of any company, and if you like, we can offer potentially money-saving alternatives. At the very least, we can show you where your current coverage may be lacking.  Contact us to schedule a no-obligation insurance review and to get a quote. Everything about your home is special. Make sure it is properly covered.