Why Non-profits Need Adequate Business Insurance

Why Non-profits Need Adequate Business Insurance

There is frequently good natured kidding between CEOs of for-profit and non-profit organizations. It usually has something to do with how nice it must be to operate an organization that doesn’t have to worry about making a profit. As any non-profit CEO will tell you, it’s not quite that simple.

A non-profit CEO still has a board of directors to report to, employees to manage and bills to pay. Non-profit organizations frequently own property, furniture, office equipment and are exposed to liability risks. This makes them very similar to a for-profit organization, especially when it comes to business insurance.

Keep in mind, there are some very large institutions that may be considered non-profits. They can include schools and universities, hospitals and clinics. They include religious organizations that may own church buildings and other assets like schools, daycare centers and even radio stations. There may be large non-profit organizations created to operate sports teams, leagues and even ballparks. All of these can be subject to the same risks as a for-profit company. Even board members of a non-profit may be legally held responsible for the actions of a group, including its employees and volunteers.

If you are a part of a non-profit organization, it is important your group have sufficient coverage to protect its assets and cover liability risks. Board members should be protected. Our independent insurance agents can help. They will discuss your organization and its risks. They can reach out to multiple insurance companies in building a business insurance plan to provide effective and affordable protection for your non-profit organization. In the end, you select the plan and provider best for you and your non-profit organization.

Like their for-profit counterparts, non-profits want to make sure they are getting the most value from their premium payments. Our independent insurance agents can make that their mission. Let us go to work for you. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation insurance review and quote for your non-profit organization. Let us assist you getting your non-profit down to business.