Staying Competitive During Changing Times

Survival for an independent insurance agent becomes more difficult every day.  The modern consumer has a plethora of insurance options to choose from, and those options are available in many forms.  The independent insurance agent who offers policies from one or two companies often finds themselves left by the wayside as consumer insurance options mushroom.  And now compensation to the agent is under attack by many insurance companies.

So how does an honest, hard working insurance agent stay competitive during changing times?

Is it possible for an independent agent to have the ability to offer more than one or two insurance options?  Better yet, is it possible to have access to multiple insurance options while maintaining your agency’s personal touch and identity?

The answer to all those questions is Yes!

By joining the ICA network of independent insurance companies, you’ll have a chance to build a strong independent agency.  Here are a few of the services that the ICA network offers:

  • Access to premium insurance markets and products for both personal and commercial policies
  • One-on-one commercial insurance education courses, ranging from beginning to advanced. In addition to courses, ICA education offers mentoring programs for sales skills improvement
  • Knowledgeable guidance as you build and market your agency’s brand
  • Tips on how to expand your customer base
  • ICA will provide access to solid, proven, customer leads
  • All of these benefits and at the highest compensation levels

By joining forces with the ICA network, our group will help you move your agency into uncharted, new territories, and provide you with a guaranteed income.

In addition to the services offered by ICA, you’ll have access to the power of the National Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA).

SIAA consists of more than 4250 independent insurance agencies across America, and continues to grow by over 400 new member agencies annually.  237 of these member agencies began as start-up agencies, who, with the assistance from SIAA Master Agencies, benefited from immediate access to top-rated, competitive insurance companies.

Not all of SIAA’s new members started from scratch.  147 agencies were local independent agencies.  With their membership in SIAA, these agencies now have access to competitive insurance companies.

Since 2008, the new written premium through SIAA has grown over $6 Billion.

There are more benefits of an SIAA membership, such as:

  • Appointments with competitive companies. With SIAA membership, you’ll have access to benefits comparable with those of a much larger company
  • Top commissions, additional supplemental compensation and profit sharing

With your membership in SIAA, your agency will benefit through stability of being part of a group comprised of over 4200 members, that writes billions of profitable premiums annually, and has access to many competitive companies.

ICA and SIAA work together to help build quality agents through the many programs offered including our one of a kind education, training and marketing program.  We care more about the quality of our agencies than the quantity.  If you believe your agency is a quality agency, and would like to join the SIAA team, contact  ICA Agency Alliance.


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