Why Is CE (Continuing Education) Important?

You just got your insurance license. After months of studying manuals to understand the content thoroughly, and a few failed attempts at the licensing tests, you’ve made it. Ahh, now it’s all over with.

. . .Nope. It’s only just begun! Insurance is an industry that will teach you something new with each day that passes. After every two years, the law requires that you renew your license as well. Your license can be acquired with what’s known as continuing education.

This education is crucial to your career because as the modern world advances, the insurance industry evolves. There are always new developments, new technologies, and new necessary skills that help you change with the rest of the world. Continuing education ensures you have updated knowledge to remain a master of your trade.

Your clients want you to be an expert on all things insurance. It’s important to care enough about your career and your clients to continually update your knowledge. When your customers can sense your empathy and expertise, they may even refer you to a friend, generating more business.

Challenge yourself to expand your knowledge by taking additional courses to inform you of things you don’t already know.

 By: KayLynn

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