Colorado Insurance Agent Training

As an insurance agent, you’re in the business of sales. Staying on top of an ever-fluctuating market requires top-notch training and guidance so you are always one step ahead of the competition. The Bureau of Labor Statistics sites that the median salary of an insurance agent is $47,860. The highest paid insurance agents made over $119,970, and the lowest paid made less than $25,710. Between the highs and the lows, there’s a lot of factors at play. More often than not, what separates a high income agent from a low-income agent is experience, commitment, and education. If you are an independent agent in Colorado looking for valuable training, ICA has got you covered, so you can get more clients covered with your policies.

Separating Success from the Rest

Insurance is always in demand, even during times of economic trouble. Pet rocks and fashion trends fade away fast, but insurance is here to stay because, no matter who you are, accidents happen. However, just because insurance seems invincible in a vulnerable market does not mean that it is easy to sell. Just like any other industry, the insurance business is rife with competition. There are multiple insurance companies, multiple agencies, and many more individual agents within those agencies. As one agent wins a client, another agent loses one. But how do you become a successful agent with high profitability? You do it with excellent training and education to push you forward.

Continuing Education for All Agents

Not only is continuing education beneficial to your growth as an independent insurance agent, it is a state requirement. In the state of Colorado, an agent must fulfill certain education requirements by taking 24 hours worth of classes every two years; three hours of ethics, 18 hours of major lines, and three hours miscellaneous. Through continuing education hours are required for every agent, they cannot be repeated within the two year period. So what’s an eager agent to do when he or she has the insatiable thirst for knowledge and moreover, a thirst for success?

Insurant Agent Training in Colorado

 ICA is committed to helping independent insurance agents succeed above and beyond what is possible as a captive agent of a large agency. Without the support of a large agency or network, however, it is difficult to lay claim in a saturated market. That’s why ICA provides one-on-one training for individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of the insurance business.

The training that ICA provides is invaluable. A proven step-by-step process that transforms a budding agency into a full-fledged business. As a member of ICA, you will have access to one-on-one mentoring so you can skip the struggle. Learn what it takes to survive and conquer as an independent agent, and apply those techniques in your own agency.

The Agency Foundation program can help you build your business from the very beginning, teaching the fundamentals of setting up an office, client development and consultation. There are many courses and training classes within SIAA/ICA that are specifically aimed at the start-up agent. Courses go over how and what to prepare for professional submission to any and all insurance carriers. With these courses, agents leave with a profitable solid short-term and long-term plan.

Marketing Guidance and More Clients

In addition to providing independent agents with in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and procedures, ICA has a myriad of resources that cover all facets of insurance business. For independent agents who wish to brush up on their sales skills, ICA offers mentoring programs that reveal the best sales techniques so you can increase your chances of getting new clients. Marketing training covers your advertising approach and website building, both necessary in the modern age to increase visibility.

Join ICA for Invaluable Insurance Agent Training in Colorado

ICA also gives agents access to solid customer leads all while providing useful tips on expanding your client base. With a great insurance agency network to support you, you will see the rewards of working as an independent insurance agent. You’re not just another agent working for a company, you’re a part of something bigger: a network of agents who want to see you succeed.