National Do Something Nice Day

Keeping with the theme of peace and kindness, today is a nationally celebrated day to do something nice for someone else. Similar to Random Act of Kindness Day, today is yet another recognized day for us to observe by simply being nice to someone. If you’ve ever had someone do something for you, you know how great it feels and how humbling it is. Did you return that favor the next chance you got? Well, do so today.

Here are some suggestions regarding things you could do.


  • Leave extra time on your parking meter for the next person
  • Bring a bag of candy and put on your desk for co-workers to take
  • Smile at someone
  • Pay for someone’s meal when you’re out to dinner
  • Give compliments
  • Give a care package to a homeless person
  • Volunteer some of your free time to a cause you care about
  • Donate money where it matters


The goal is that these acts of kindness are contagious, spreading like a wildfire among the people. How do you feel if you do something kind for someone else? The feeling of bringing joy to someone else is indescribable. In doing this, you are considering the emotions of someone else over your own for the moment. You are acting selflessly and with love towards another human. If you like the feeling, try making everyday “do something nice” day. The results could be a ripple effect of positive actions towards one another.

By: KayLynn P.

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