Six Tips to Sell Your Car for More

Six Tips to Sell Your Car for More

Car-buying services have become an increasingly popular way to sell cars. You can call or go online, enter some details, and they promise you a quick pickup and a check. The challenge is that these buying services can quickly reduce offers if they see an unreported nick or dent or if mileage is under-reported. Offers are often low-ball, bottom-line ones, allowing them to resell your vehicle at a profit.

If you want to get the most from selling your car, try these six tips.

Sell It Yourself

It takes time, effort, and maybe a few no-shows, but selling a car to a private individual on your own can help maximize your return.

Sell a Clean Car

Take the time to clean your car thoroughly, inside and out. Clear and clean out the trunk, windows, tires, interior, and upholstery. Make sure your car smells nice and fresh.

Keep Maintenance Records

Maintenance records can demonstrate that you have taken care of the vehicle and can build trust. Make sure you are protecting any personal information that may be on receipts.

Change the Oil

Even a casual car buyer may take the time to check the oil when considering purchasing a used car. When they see that clean, clear 10W40 on the dipstick, it just may help you get the price you want.

Listen to Your Running Car

Over time, you become familiar with your car and the noises it makes. These may be normal to you but may sound alarms to a potential buyer. Slight tapping may indicate it is low on oil. Squealing may be a sign of a worn belt. The sound may be an easy and inexpensive fix.

Check Electronics and Mechanicals

Make sure everything works, especially if fixes are affordable. Check the windows, lights, blinkers, and infotainment features. Avoid the embarrassment of them discovering these issues on their own.

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