The Two Biggest Factors That Make Life Insurance Rates Increase

The Two Biggest Factors That Make Life Insurance Rates Increase

If you could buy gas for your car cheaper in the morning would you make the effort to get it then? If there were steps to decrease your home mortgage payments or car payments would you consider them? Would you pay more than necessary for credit card interest? Most people would say no. Our hard earned money, after all, is valuable to us. There are better things we can do with our money than giving it to oil companies, bankers and utility companies.

Yet, many of us don’t take advantage of cheap life insurance rates when they are available. The fact is, there are two major factors that contribute to the cost of life insurance and you have control of both. They are your age and your health.

Alright, you can’t control your age nor your health, but stay with us.


Generally, life insurance is less expensive when purchased at a younger age. The reason? Mathematically you are further away from death. That may be blunt, but it is the truth. You can buy an extraordinary amount of life insurance at 30 that you may not be able to afford at 50 or 60. Why wouldn’t you buy it when it is less expensive, like gas in the morning.


When it comes to the cost of life insurance your, health and physical well-being plays a major factor. Illness and sickness occur, yet we can control our weight, or stress level, our diet and the activities we partake in. Smoking, drinking and jumping out of airplanes could have a negative impact on life insurance rates.

So here it is, plain and simple. The two biggest factors affecting your life insurance rates are mainly in your control. If you are young and healthy you should be jumping on the opportunity to acquire as much life insurance as as you can afford. When you realize rates can go up at your next birthday or your next doctor’s visit, it is easy to understand.

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