Independent Agents and Car Insurance: How They Can Save You Money

Independent Agents and Car Insurance: How They Can Save You Money

Who doesn’t want to save money? Driver’s have been known to shop for a car for weeks to save a few hundred dollars or drive miles to save a few cents per gallon on gas. We are always looking for the best price on oil changes, tires and other routine maintenance. Yet somehow that doesn’t always apply when it comes to automobile insurance. Oh, we may shop once every few years or so, especially when we experience a significant rate increase or customer service issue. But for the most part, many just continue to pay for their insurance month after month, renewal after renewal.

What is it about auto insurance that makes us reluctant to change or even compare? Perhaps we perceive it is too difficult to switch or the process is too confusing. Maybe we believe once we’ve checked for the best deal it will always be the best deal. It could be we just feel we are too busy to consider a change.

This is why working with an independent insurance agent can be so beneficial. You see an independent insurance agent is not restricted to just offering the products of once insurance company. Our independent agencies can seek quotes from multiple companies, effectively doing the shopping for you. You will be presented with a choice of options where you can select the plan best for you. One of the best aspects of working with an independent insurance agent is you can make this request to compare annually or whenever you wish. This helps ensure you are getting the most value for your auto insurance premium.

You have a choice when selecting an insurance agent. You can choose a captive agent who can only represent the policies of his own company or choose an independent agent who can seek out multiple quotes from a variety of companies. The choice is yours. Of course, we think it makes more sense to select an independent insurance agent.

Discover the difference an independent insurance agent can make when comparing automobile insurance premiums. Contact us today!